Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lesson # 20 I will be Reverent

This lesson was an absolute hit!


The hardest this was finding good sized brads
I first went to 2 different office supply stores with no luck then went to Micheal thinking I was going to pay and "arm and leg" but they had 100 colored Brad the perfect size for 2.99ish which will be more then enough for the average nursery.

I printed the kids and badges on card-stock for stability.
you might find it to be a lot of work, but I pre-made all of the kids and let them color their badges. for the lesson activity. 

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  1. Holy Heck! your blog is amazing!! where do you get the time to do this with your two little ones? super mum! My name is Mandy and im in New Zealand and ive been searching and searching for nursery ideas, and here you are. i found you thought a link from sugardoodle. i was in nursery for two years, mainly because my kids wouldnt stay on their own so i ended up staying (then being called into nursery) now ive been called to the primary presidency so im STILL looking for awesome nursery resources! your stuff is amazing! well done!!!